Rex Baron Opens, brings new ‘Survivors Kitchen’ to Boca Town Center

After many months of eager anticipation and unexpected delays, the new Rex Baron has (finally!) opened in the Boca Town Center Mall. But take a peek inside and you’ll understand – this was worth the wait.  Rex Baron is not just another cookie-cutter chain restaurant, it’s an entirely different experience.  Michael Norris, who  heads up the Rex Gryphon Group  (the creative geniuses of this ‘disruptor concept’) describes Rex Baron as “a bold experience that goes where no restaurant has gone before, with a blow-your-mind interactive, multi-sensory experiential restaurant, bar, and hi-tech Virtual Reality lounge.” (REX, by the way, stands for “Restaurant, Entertainment, Xperience”).

Enter the capacious 8,500 square-foot venue, and you’re suddenly immersed into a whole new reality – a mad compilation of cutting-edge restaurant, hip bar, movie set, futuristic museum, VR lounge, and lively action where assorted bad-asses from across the post-apocalyptic galaxy come to refresh and socialize (you might expect Han Solo or Boba Fett to show up!). Rex Baron is “an avant-garde post-apocalyptic themed restaurant,” add Norris, “where food, culture, community, interactive tech and art thrive” notes Mr. Norris. The “Vigilante Post” concept appears more like a restaurant set within a Mad Max movie. The main stars of the Rex Baron “ReStoryä” (restaurant story”) are Rex Baron, a post-apocalyptic reluctant leader, and his crew of 18 “Vigilantes,” who all play a major role in the New World. Each character has their own individual identity, name (Rex Baron, Farmer Yamato, Roughneck, Drifter, etc.), background story, specialty skills, weaponry, and one-of-a-kind, custom-made outfits.


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